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postgraduate | Advising of Personal image & Stylism

advising of image, beauty & stylism course, postgraduate European technician | Area Advising & Personal Shopper

What is the image? What do we project with our physicist and our way of dressing? The image is the projection that we reflect and transmit on the outside, is how they see us and how we want that they see us. The stylism in to dress and the beauty they complete the process of personal advice.

Factors like the color and his simbology and the forms applied to face, body and hair perfect the global conception of our image. Since professionals we must be capable of understanding these concepts to create an image adapted for our clients.

How to create the best shop window in ONE-CLICK!
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How to become a personal shopper in ONE-CLICK!
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QUALIFICATION: Graduate on Image Assessment and Styling 
The course will enable you to live and work for fashion

14 / 10 / 2019


From monday to thursday from 10am to 2pm

TARGET: Professional image, fashion design, styling, advertising, communication ... without prior knowledge and stakeholders seeking complete training advising of image, beautiful and stylism and interested without prior knowledge.

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