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postgraduate | Corporate Image, Branding & Communicacion

corporate image, branding and communication course, postgraduate European technician | Area advising & personal shopper

At present the companies are conscious that great part of the professional success relapses into the image that they transmit. The DNA, values, image and identity of brand are aspects that they can benefit or harm his managerial progression.

The corporate communication consists of a number of elements, both boarders and day pupils, that developing them, they constitute the projection platform of the image in an efficient form.

The European Technician in corporate image, branding and communication is born of the latent demand of the companies in the professionals' search that they could advise and give response to his needs them.

How to create the best shop window in ONE-CLICK!
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How to become a personal shopper in ONE-CLICK!
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QUALIFICATION: Postgraduate on Corporate Image, Branding and Communication
The image consultancy that goes beyond fashion

14 / 10 / 2019


From monday to thursday 10am to 2pm

TARGET: Professional image, styling, graphic design, advertising, communication and fashion ... without previous knowledge.

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